How to Get a Student Visa for Usa from India

student Visa for Usa

The United States of America comes in number 1 in overseas higher education. Top universities offer academic programs. It is available in a wide range. On the other hand, prospective students must be aware that enrolment in US universities requires a study visa. Applications for study visas to the United States of America greatly exceed the thousands of students. They come there each year. Students should be aware of the conditions before applying. It is for obtaining a student visa for usa. This is also in order to avoid rejection. 


US Student Visa Eligibility

They must be the student's spouse or have some other connection to them. 
A single person under 21 years old who is free of spouses or dependents is the perfect prospect. 
The candidate can provide for their family if they have legal residency in the US. 

In addition, Indian students may apply for an M1 visa, which is intended exclusively for vocational training in the US, in place of a student visa for USA from India. However, the M1 visa has different requirements than the former one for foreign students enrolled in US universities. 


Apply for a USA Student Visa from India

Take a look at the comprehensive guide of AK Consultancy on visa process if you're an Indian student hoping to study in the US. They are usa student visa consultants in India. They handle all documentation requirements. It includes those for other F-1 visas and US student visas.

Here is a brief rundown of the procedures needed to apply for a visa for students leaving India: 


Getting your I-20 and being accepted: 

You will receive an I-20 form from a US university that has been accredited after you are accepted. This form is given to you so that you can record your study plans and provide supporting details about your visit. 
It is required that the SEVIS payment be made. 
The SEVP processing and maintenance are covered. It happens by the $350 SEVIS expense. 
Fill out the following areas of the DS-160 visa application: 
All prospective international students have to complete a DS-160 form. It is for a F-1 visa.


Set a time for your visa interview: 

The time length may vary from one nation to another. Ensure you schedule your appointment beforehand. This is to ensure you have enough time in case there are any delays. 
Be present for the visa interview: 
The U.S. consulate or embassy will verify that you are a sincere and committed student. It will happen at this stage of the F-1 visa application procedure.

Documents needed to the interview for a student visa: 

  • Documentation verifying payment to SEVIS, such as forms DS-160 and I-901; 
  • The original passport and a photocopy of the one you wish to apply for your visa. 
  • The official test results and transcript you sent with your college application will be on your I-20. 
  • Certification, if applicable 
  • You have to provide your bank statements in order to finish your college application. 



The student visa fees for usa is roughly $535 USD. The entire sum can be divided into two components. First one is the $185 DS-160 form charge. The second one is the $350 SEVIS fee. It is important to apply for a non-immigrant visa. It must be within 120 days. It has to be after the commencement of your program. Don’t put off applying for a US student visa from India too long. It can happen after receiving your admissions letter. It might take a number of months to process. 



Indian students must apply for an F1 visa. It is to ensure that their application is error-free. It is in order to be admitted to study in the US. You must keep in mind that getting approvals depends on your ability. These connections will tempt you back when your studies are over. You should always think about purchasing travel insurance before any overseas trip No matter where you're going. You are shielded against a variety of hazards with this type of insurance. It includes medical expenses, missing connections, canceled flights, and more. Seeking an American student visa from India requires tenacity and diligence. However obtaining one will enable you to pursue your studies in the United States.

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